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Two things to know that will take you far as an operator. “Solutions to scale” and “Scale defines form.”
Solutions To Scale
Solutions to scale- The ability to adopt and achieve an objective despite the restrictions and limitations imposed by others. In many cases good leaders in higher positions aren’t aware of restrictions to accomplishing a task at a given level.
This is when solutions to scale come in to play. In some cases this is counter to the term “by the book.” If you’re so by the book that you fail to accomplish overall goals despite obstacles both external and internal then you fail as a dependable asset to get missions accomplished for the very people who need you to do the job. At all times the necessity of success must be weighed against overall consequences to the actions taken.
The Network
Scale Defines Form
Scale defines form- Employing the proper element types and numbers to structure an effective unit capable of overcoming the given opposition and environment.
A major key to survivability as well as mission accomplishment is the ability to overwhelm the obstacles and not be overwhelmed by them. The most effective way to accomplish this is to form a unit that can maintain and thrive operationally while dealing with the challenges facing it. Factors that play a part in this are mobility, lines of communication, and defensive and offensive sustainability.
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